How do I add, edit or delete a Virtual Firewall Security Group in 5nine Cloud Security?


I want to add, edit or delete a virtual firewall security group in 5nine Cloud Security. How do I do that?


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5nine Cloud Security allows creation of multiple security groups in addition to the default built-in All VMs group. Security groups are designed to simplify the administration of VM security settings by applying the settings to virtual machines (VMs) with a common criteria. Each VM can be a member of several security groups. 



To create a new security group:

1. Select Rules>Add Global Rules Group or right click on the Global entity and then click Add Group.


2. Enter name of the new group in the dialog box (New VM Group is the default value) and the description (optional). Click OK. The new group will be created and appears in the object tree.  

3. To edit the global rules group, select it from the object tree. Then select Rules>Edit Global Rules Group menu item or right click on the group and then click Edit. Enter the new group name and/or description in the dialog box, and then click OK

4. To delete global rules group, select global rules group in the object tree. Then select Rules>Delete Global Rules Group or right click on the group and then click Delete



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