How do I import Windows firewall rules for the virtual machines and Hyper-V hosts into 5nine Cloud Security?


We are deploying 5nine Cloud Security product in our environment and I want to import all my Windows firewall rules for virtual machines (VM) and Hyper-V hosts into 5nine Cloud Security. How do I do that?



5nine Cloud Security allows you to create firewall rules for multiple VMs at a time by adding groups on a Global level. You would still need to recreate the Windows Firewall in 5nine Cloud Security, however, since there is no need to create firewall rules for the VMs individually, recreating the Windows firewall rules in 5nine Cloud Security is a much faster process.

Note: Firewall rules that should apply to all VMs can be created on an All VMs group level.



5nine Cloud Security, import Windows Firewall Rules, Global level, All VMs group level


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