What are my options for configuring Virtual Firewall Rules in 5nine Cloud Security?


I want to configure virtual firewall rules in 5nine Cloud Security. What options do I have?



There are three basic types of virtual firewall rules in the 5nine Cloud Security product:

  • Global rules of default for All VMs group: These rules automatically apply to all virtual machines (VMs) in the Hyper-V environment under 5nine Cloud Security product.
  • User defined security groups rule: These rules apply to VMs associated with security group(s); VMs can be assigned to security group(s) from the VM settings. Each VM can be a member of several security groups. In addition to the VMs, firewall rules can also be defined for Hyper-V hosts’ network adapters that are connected to a virtual switch.
  • Local rules: These rules apply to only the VM or the host adapter for which they were created. All rules take effect when the virtual firewall protection is enabled. 

Note: 5nine Cloud Security uses the following approach to applying the virtual firewall rules:

  • All traffic is blocked by default if no firewall rule is added to the protected VM.
  • Any allowing firewall rule opens the channel(s) it is set for and allows the corresponding traffic to flow.
  • Any blocking firewall rule has priority over any allowing firewall rule in the event that they refer to the same resource(s). 



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