How do I configure and add Hyper-V Host(s) to 5nine Manager Datacenter?  


I want to configure and add Hyper-V Host(s) to 5nine Manager Datacenter. How do I do that? 


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To start managing your virtual infrastructure from the 5nine Manager Datacenter, you must configure connections to the Microsoft Hyper-V Host(s). You can configure and add the following types of servers:

  • Standalone Hyper-V host
  • Hyper-V cluster    

For the initial launch, the object tree will be empty. Adding the new Host server(s) is implemented via the Add Servers wizard. If no Host servers are added, the Add Servers wizard will start automatically when the Management Console starts with the administrator’s privileges. 



1. To start the Add Servers wizard, press Add Servers button in the toolbar.

2. After Add Servers wizard starts, please specify the credentials for discovery.


3. Then select the Discovery Types and provide the discovery data.

New servers can be added in 3 ways:

  • Manual - Manually typing the addresses of the host servers separated by commas. You may use host name, FQDN or IP address.
  • Active Directory - to search for available hosts or clusters using AD discovery.
  • IP Range - to search for available hosts or clusters using IP discovery. 

Note: AD and IP discovery can potentially take a significant amount of time depending on your AD, network infrastructure and performance. Once the discovery process completes, you will get a full list of the Host servers that can be managed by the 5nine Manager Datacenter. Only the Host servers that match the system requirements are selected automatically. Any inconsistencies are shown in the list by icons.

4. Select the host servers and clusters that you need to manage and press Next.
2.jpgHost agents will be installed automatically on the host servers and clusters that you have selected in the previous step. 3.jpgNote: When host agents are installed, host servers and clusters will appear in the console objects tree automatically.



5nine Manager Standard, Add Standalone Hyper-V host, Add Hyper-V cluster


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