How do I view the internal audit events from 5nine Cloud Security?


I want to view the internal audit events from 5nine Cloud Security. How do I do that?


Short Description

Internal audit events are captured for any changes that are sent to the backup management server and the managed Hyper-V hosts. Changes that are sent to the primary management server are written in the backup management server.



To view internal audit events, select the View > Internal Events Audit menu item:


Click the Update button to retrieve the log records matching the filter criteria:

  • The following filter settings are available:
    • Dates range for the report – From/To
    • Object Type – Any, Host, Backup Server
    • Result – Any, Success, Failed
    • Operation – Any, VM Settings, Rules, Rules Settings, AV Update Settings, Management Servers List, VM Groups

Click the Settings button to set the event categories that should be saved into the log and the log records retention parameters: 


  • Select categories of internal events that should be saved into log
  • Set the number of retention days
  • Set the maximal events count

Click Apply to save settings.



5nine Manager Cloud Security, Internal Audit Settings, Internal Audit Events


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