How do I configure and create Datastore in 5nine manager Datacenter?


I want to configure and create Datastore in 5nine Manager Datacenter. How do I do that?


Short Description

Datastore is an internal 5nine Manager Datacenter entity which is necessary to support access limitation to virtual machine (VM) resources.



Datastore can be added via Create Datastore wizard.


1. Define Datastore name and description.

Note: Enable Shared option to allow this storage to be visible/available for all tenants. Otherwise only global users will be able to see it (in accordance with the permission level). 

5nine Manager Datacenter supports 3 types of storage:

  • Local Filesystem - specific to a host. Typically used for simple scenarios where virtual disks are placed directly on local machine.
  • Network Share - can be used by multiple hosts. This type of storage allows you to store virtual disks in a CIFS/SMB file server share.
  • Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) Disk - allows all failover cluster nodes to share a single volume.

Depending on the Datastore type selected, next steps will be as follows:


Local Filesystem

For local filesystem, select Hyper-V host(s) where Datastore will be placed.


Network Share

For network storage, select Hyper-V host(s) that can have access to this storage.


Cluster Shared Volume

For Cluster Shared Volume, select a cluster from the list.

 Provide path to the Datastore in the UNC format.


After Datastore is created, you can navigate through the Datastore contents.



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