How do I create a backup for my virtual machine in 5nine Manager Datacenter?  


I want to create a backup for my virtual machine (VM) in 5nine Manager Datacenter. How do I do that?



1. To create a VM backup, please select the backup module then click the Create button on the top menu bar to start the process.

2. Provide a name and job description for the backup and press Next

3. Define encryption and compression options if necessary.

4. Select the VM(s) to be placed into the backup.

5. Select the storage and folder where backup files will be placed. 

6. Optional step: if you check the box Make Backup copy to Microsoft Azure, you can store a copy of the backup on your Microsoft Azure account.

7. Complete the scheduling options template.

8. Select the type of backup template you want to use.

9. Specify when old archives will be removed.

10. Review the summary information. If everything is correct, press Finish to create a backup job.



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