Why are the Antivirus scans and/or Active Protection installation failing in 5nine Cloud Security?


I see my Antivirus (AV) scans and/or Active Protection (AP) installation failing in 5nine Cloud Security. What might be causing this, and how do I fix it?



If the AV scans and/or the AP installation are failing, this is most likely due to the failed AV definitions updates on the Hyper-V hosts. Please perform the following steps for each of the 5nine Cloud Security products:

  • Check AV definitions updates from Setting>Antivirus>General
    • Check the last definitions update information on each host
    • Perform immediate definitions update by clicking on the Update button for a particular host or the Update All button for all hostsCapture.JPG
  • 5nine Cloud Security with Kaspersky:
    • Check 5nine.Antivirus.UpdateService state on the Management Server. 5nine Cloud Security with Kaspersky AV has the centralized mechanism to get the AV definitions. All the AV databases are collected on the Management Server, and then distributed to each Hyper-V host. 
    • In order for the AV updates to work properly, Internet access should be opened on the Management Server and connections should be allowed on the TCP local ports 8183 and 8939 through which the Hyper-V hosts will receive the  AV definitions. See How can I ensure that my 5nine Cloud Security product is operating correctly?
  • 5nine Cloud Security with Bitdefender & 5nine Cloud Security with ThreatTrack:
    • Verify that the host is able to access the internet directly or via a proxy dedicated for AV Updates1.png.jpg

Note: 5nine Cloud Security Management Service uses the same interface with the AV Management Service of another 5nine product – 5nine Manager with AV. Even if the 5nine products are used to manage different Hyper-V hosts, they will still run into a conflict and the AV feature will not work if they are running on the same server. Therefore, placing of Management Services of different 5nine products on the same machine is not supported. When you install 5nine Cloud Security in your environment, it is recommended to use 5nine Manager without AV feature instead of 5nine Manager with AV version on the hosts that are managed by 5nine Cloud Security. 5nine Cloud Security covers AV requirements while 5nine Manager without AV will perform management functions. 



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